Seriosuly, there are many styles, flavors when it comes to yoga and work out classes. We truly encourage you to follow your heart and intuition when deciding what and who's for you.

about our classes
Power flow (moderate +intermediate level)

It's time to build some heat! Just like how a small ember can be nurtured into a blazing flame, this 75 minute-long Vinyasa class starts off slow before turning it up a few notches. We will tap into your fierce and fearless energy with this core-focused flow and funky music. This class expands on sun salutation B+C and involves detoxifying twists, challenging plank work, balances and... playful sequence that will help you connect to your practice and increase your body awareness by focusing on transitions, micro-movements, and muscle engagement as you breathe through each sequence. The last -10 minutes I always slow down our time with a sweet savasana. By end of this class you'll feel as reborn and sweaty ofc. Bring a small towel with you ;)

Ps. In case it's your first time with me, try AWAKEN YOUR PRACTISE first before jumping on this one.

Class will be led in Swedish, in our studio
VINYASA with Yolanta
Awaken your practise (all levels)

Release any pressure and come to the mat for a fun, challenging, dynamic but yet fundamental flow in this hour-long Vinyasa class. You'll keep the focus on powerful, fluid movement as you learn to balance strength with softness. Longer holds and control are the main themes of this Vinyasa flow. Build your discipline and sustain the flame throughout the class. Afterall one of the goals of yoga is to attain self-discipline and self-awareness. By end of the class we will have moved through sun salutations A+B+C in a moderate pace, and the last -10 minutes I always slow down our time with a savasana.

Class will be led in Swedish, in our studio
Yoga for beginners (only on request)

Stretch out your body and calm your mind with this gentle beginner yoga flow. From introducing breathwork to breaking down sun salutations A+B with some seated stretches balances and backbends, you'll learn the basics of vinyasa while receiving all the mind and body benefits of a yoga practice. Just because this class is for beginners, it doesn't mean it will be easy - poses will push you, expand your limits and help you grow within your practise. And hopefully you will develop a healthy daily practice with learning these basics.

The last -10 minutes I always slow down our time with a savasana.

Class led in Swedish

Yangyin vinyasa (all levels)

A YangYin class for both body, soul & mind! We flow to the music, with breath & heartbeat in focus. With presence, & fusion between body & soul. During the session, you will sweat, swirl, burn your resistance through Yang and ground and calm yourself in Yin. A workout for your whole self, just as you are based on your abilities!

For whom: Suitable for you who like to move. You do not have to be super strong or super flexible, just show up are you are.

Class will be led in Swedish, in our studio
QUICK 15: CORE + BOOTY BURN (all levels)

Take on your entire core and booty in this quick and effective barre workout which provides a fresh take on some classic ab exercises. You'll work your center with moves like Bicycle Crunches and Side Plank Crunches designed to create a DEEP burn and lasting abdominal strength. We will also work on lifting and strenghtening our booty.
15 minutes, BUT SO UPLIFTING.

Class will be led in Swedish, in our studio
30-MINUTE BARRE WITH BALL (all levels)

A ball can challenge balance just as much as strength. This fiery 30-minute barre workout for your legs and abs uses a ball and resistance band to create unique exercises that push your limits and test your stability.

Class will be led in Swedish, in our studio
WORK OUT with Yolanta

We will test your endurance in this efficient 30-minute Barre workout. Using a chair, a ball and a resistance band, you'll work your whole body, starting and ending with your core. Uptempo, danceable beats keep this sweat sesh fiery but fun.

Class will be led in Swedish, in our studio. This is also a smaller class, with only 6 spots available.
TOTAL BODY TONE 45min (moderate level)

Put it all together in this 45-minute total body barre workout designed to hit every major muscle group in your body. The class will vary a bit class to class. But, you'll sweat through the class by using your bodyweight, sometimes a smal pilates ball and resistance bands as we hit our legs, glutes, core, arms, shoulders with low-impact and fast-paced sequences, leaving your heart rate elevated and your mind and body stimulated from start to finish.

Core is about building strength deep from within. If we are not solid and stable in the very centre of our being, how can we expect to be stable anywhere else? So let's build some fire, work up a sweat and together increase strength and stability.

bring a towel since we're going to get sweaty ;-)