Psst. The schedule may differ every week. We may add on/reduce number of classes per week and we may also add on new classes.

Uplifting vinyasa flow (all levels)
Connect to your inner rhythm in this vinyasa class. You'll increase your body awareness by focusing on transitions, micro-movements, and muscle engagement as you breathe through each sequence. This class expands on Sun Salutation B that includes twists and balances that will remind you to be present and breathe. You will also increase stability with a series of lunge, Warrior, Triangle and get funky discovering your center with invigorating core movements that will get your blood flowing and your body moving. By end of the class you'll feel hopefully focused, fresh, grounded, and a little sweaty. The last 10 minutes we will slow down our time together with savasana. Let the body rest in stillness from active thinking and be present in the moment with the sensations of the body. Come as you are, leave feeling alive!

Class led in Swedish

Hatha (all levels)
Hatha hatha hey hey! Welcome to a traditional hatha class with a modern teacher. Hatha yoga awakens and harmonizes the energies in body, mind and soul. During the session, we work through the body thoroughly with the help of asanas, ie physical postures that awakens, strengthens and unlocks your body. Over time, your body is trained to be able to stay in challenging positions for longer time and is also prepared to be able to sit still in meditative positions.

Some classes will also include pranayama. i.e. breathing exercises that helps to activate and balance the energies.

My intention is to make you feel comfortable in approaching yoga with curiosity. And to spread joy and good vibes, because it's certainly something all humans need in their life.

Class led in Swedish

Hard Core! (all levels)
If you're ready to feel the burn, this one's for you. 45 minutes of high intensity core workout with the master blaster himself, Moaz. You'll leave the studio with the endorphines popping and feeling that you deserve that summer treat.

Class led in English

Core + Booty Lift
coming soon

Full body vinyasa sensation
coming soon

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Dynamic meditation
coming soon

The human body is made to move. By moving the body, we move our energies! Moving meditation is a hands on way to get out of our thinking minds and back into our bodies. Together with enchanting music, we hope to create and leave you with profound physical, emotional and mental detox, and countless benefits. Join the movement and let the rhythm set you free.

Sitting meditation
coming soon

Wether you are an experienced meditator or beginner, we welcome you to sit and just be in silence with yourself. We offer the space where you can practice the simple but noble art of observing your thoughts and emotions. We aim offer a variety of meditation classes. Some will be more guided, some offering the right conditions for your own exploration of the meditation process.

Whenever possible, both teachers will participate in the class. This is because we want give our students as much presence and guidance as we can.

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