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Seriosuly, there are many styles, flavors and philisophies of wedding photo+videography out there and we encourage you to follow your heart and intuition when deciding what and who's for you. This is our core philosophy:

For us, it's really important that you authentically feel at ease hanging out with us. We see ourselves as co-creators with our clients. Not just as professionals delivering a service to you. Here's how we roll: We're gonna start off as friends, deal? ;)

After all, we will spend a lot of time together during your big day. By creating a playful and easygoing vibe together - by having fun together - it will show in your photos/film.

We also like to blend in with the guests. The more we feel as a natural part of the wedding, rather than outside observers, the more people will feel at ease around us, which once again will provide for the best end result.
After your wedding day, we head back to the studio again. This is where the real creative alchemy starts. Now all of those captured moments are synthesized to the very essence of your day. Where retouch, editing and color grading makes your wedding come to life in a way that you haven't seen before. For us, this is a process filled with creativity and joy. This is where we truly thrive and get to use our full palette of both colors, creativity and storytelling.

And at the end of this process you get to experience and relive the joy and magic from your special day.
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A absolutely stunning wedding in Palermo, Italy
small and intimate wedding midst covid on gotland
a dreamy wedding in montepulciano, italy
A truly raw, intimate and natural wedding on Gotland, Furillen

You've probably been on 99 photo + film websites by now. So why us? What in the world should make you choose us? Maybe because you are looking for someone who may serve you with SO much more than just pretty photos - but an EXPERIENCE?
Well, this is us. Hi! We are Yolanta + Patrik, a married duo, using moving and still images to create our own dream and visual universe. Living stories, people and places in a vibrant spectrum of color. Capturing them through our lenses is as close as we can get to a time machine. Visual eternities to revisit. We love it, and we love to work together. That's where our creative spirits comes alive, and that's where you get us at our absolute best/highest - which is what you deserve. We want to serve you with still and moving images that transport you back to the feeling you had in the moment they were taken.

Go ahead and explore our universe for yourself. And if you feel drawn by it's energy, maybe we can capture yours...
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