We are curious souls exploring life and what it means being human. It's profound and humbling to realize how how little we actually know and much there is to learn.

The more dots we've connected, the more we've realized that everything really is connected in the human system. Mind, body and spirit are all parts of the whole and being well + living our fullest potential means taking care of the whole system.

Studio Birkhane wants to support people in feeling well and living their fullest potential - mentally, physically and spiritually. Since they are all part of the human experience, it only makes sense!

Becoming conscious of yourself on all these levels of your being allows you to heal, grow and transform. All the practices and modalities we offer aims to support you on your own journey to greater health and happiness.
it's all connected
After incorporating yoga and meditation into my daily routine I embodied how powerful it is to also add on other physical movements - to not only build and strenghten the inner core but also for my cardiovascular health. Therefor fell in love with Barre, because a barre class utilizes fun movements often with a fusion of pilates and yoga principles. Barre truly helps me to sculpt, strengthen, and lengthen those muscles. I wouldn't mind a peachy bum at age 40.

I get asked often what my routine/ practise looks like: and currently I do yoga 3x times a week, Barre 4x week + I like to add interval running during summer and spring. Sometimes days look totally different ofc. But I try to balance yin + yang or else I get too airy. Meditation as yin for an ex. and power vinyasa flow as yang.

As the days, months, years, each class pass, I unfurl not just another layer of Yoga, but another layer of myself - discovering the depths of what makes me me, and showing me time and again why each and every moment we exist is so very special. My hope is to light that ember in you, keep it burning and open up these moments of discovery to you while I create a playful and curious space for both beginners and more experienced yogis who take my classes. A space where you get the opportunity to land into yourself and/or simply move to funky music, just because it makes you feel EXTRTA spicy and alive. .

Today it is roughly six years ago I discovered yoga, and honestly, I was not a big fan at first. The old circus performer part of me craved super high intensity work outs and quick results, and yoga felt too "slow and boring" ;) But I continued to practice, and unfurl layers of old programming, since I longed more and more for the feeling of being in touch with myself, my body & my authentic body expression.
If I had to answer very short on what yoga does to me, I would say; it helps me to get out of my thinking mind and come back to my heart. I simply feel reborn after every spicy class. But there are much more benefits of consistens yoga practise than that of course.
Though I am a yoga + barre teacher, I am human. There are days I feel BIG resistace towards my own practise, but I know by now that my ego wants to keep me away from everything that is good to my body and soul. The only way through resistance (for me) is awarness and actually DO it! and I NEVER regret a movement class.

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As a life coach, I have an unshakeable belief in every person's power and ability to transform their lives for the better.

I help people create new ways of thinking, feeling and acting so that they can grow into a new state of being. Everything I do is about helping people grow into a bigger version of themselves and level up their lives.

I have developed a coaching program called Life 2.0 that combines the power of daily habits and coaching to boost mental wellbeing and create a significant positive life change in 90 days.

Under the banner of Studio Birkhane, I host personal development retreats together with Yolanta. I love creating experiences with her with that special Studio Birkhane vibe. It's so cool, powerful and rewarding to host retreats where we get to see people grow, both as a collective and as individuals.

I want my life to be an adventure. I love traveling all around the world, exploring new places, cultures and people.

I also appreciate the small things in life, such as dancing to loud music in the morning while making breakfast, cuddling a bit too much with my cats, goofing around with Yolanta and laying in bed looking at the sky.

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yoga studio gotland
Studio birkhane consists of Patrik and Yolanta Birkhane. Together, we can support YOU in building mental, physical and spiritual consciousness. We do this through yoga & movement, meditation, breathwork, coaching events and retreats.
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1. Our wedding day 191019
2. Our favourite beings Mini + Atlas
3. La muralla roja bucket list 2021
4. Sacred place, our home
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yoga studio gotland
Studio birkhane consists of Patrik and Yolanta Birkhane. Together, we can support YOU in building mental, physical and spiritual consciousness. We do this through yoga & movement, meditation, breathwork, coaching events and retreats.
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