1 planning session.
1 hour.
40x fine-art photographs presented as high-resolution digital jpegs.
An online shareable password protected gallery.
5 500:- (up to 5 people, each additional person 150:-)


1 planning session.
1 hour.
40x fine-art photographs presented as high-resolution digital jpegs.
An online shareable password protected gallery.
5 500:-

You, yourself

1 planning session.
1 hour.
35x fine-art photographs presented as high-resolution digital jpegs.
An online shareable password protected gallery.
5 000:-

Pets + you

1 planning session.
1 hour.
40x fine-art photographs presented as high-resolution digital jpegs.
An online shareable password protected gallery.
5 500:-


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Places where we can frame life and create magic
Outdoors. Mainly, I like working outdoors with the assistance of natural light. Outdoors is also an open playground for children (and adults). You might have a location in mind that you like, or I might suggest a place where we can create and explore. A session might look like this: We go for a walk. Meanwhile I capture you, the moments and the details. At times I might guide you to sit, stand, take a specific posture etc.

Your home or vacation house.
Our home is where we feel safe and spend most of our time together. It is also a place where we invest much of our love to make it our own. One day you might move on, but you will always have the memories captured of you (+your family or pet) in that space. I personally adore looking back at my memories from my "past lives" and the places I've lived. What memories from your life now do you wish to capture and keep in your heart forever? What do you want to encapsulate? Maybe it's an everyday breakfast when everyone's gathered? Or a day at the beach? Or why not you with your pet? After all, those small everyday moments are what life is about.

The studio. My studio is a creative playground, where any style of portraits or shootings can be created. Here we can use the magic of different backdrops, tailored lighting etc, all in the comfort of total privacy.

On "location". This is mostly aimed at companies that want to have their portraits taken in their own environmnet. It is also a convenient way if there are a number of people having their portraits taken. I am happy to come to your workplace, and can bring my portable equipment with me to create right conditions.
Fanny Ollas, porträttfotograf gotland
astropodden, porträttfotograf gotland
porträttfotograf gotland, fotograf gotland
Q—Where are you located?
Tofta, on Gotland, in Sweden. But I travel anywhere.

Q—What hour of the day is it best to have the session outdoors?
Early morning (just after sunrise) or late afternoon (2 hours before sunset) light is ideal.

Q—How long is the usual turnaround time?
Delivery times can vary depending on the time of year. Between April and September (wedding season), the turnaround time is 5 weeks. In low season things tend to move quicker. Of course, I always do my best to deliver your photos to you as soon as possible.

Q— Do we recieve a sneak peek?
Nope =)

Q— How do we recieve our images?
Your images are delivered and showcased through a beautiful, high resolution, downloadable & shareable online gallery. It's very convenient to download to your computer and phone. Make sure to to backup your own copy of the album, since it is only available for 1 year.

Q— How do you edit your photos?
I edit each photo separately in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Q— Do you also capture and edit videos?
Yes, occasionally I do. For more info please get in touch.

Q— Do you shoot black & white and color?
I shoot everything in color and edit images to black and white in post-production.

Q— Do you do boudoir sessions?

Q—What happens if we get rained out?
I will watch the weather closely as our session approaches. If it looks like rain, we'll reschedule to a day/time as soon as possible. A beautiful day translates to amazing pictures, so it's definitely worth the wait. Another option is that we move indoors.

Q— What should I wear for the photoshoot?
Wear your favorite outift. Whatever makes you vibrate. Crisp, colorful, pastel or earthy colors make a beautiful delivery. When it comes to family portraits though, I would advice you to wear comfortable pants in case we will want to bend, sit or play with the kids.

Q— Can I bring an extra set of clothes?
Of course!

Q— Do you take any traditionally posed shots?
Yes, I truly like traditional posed photos with a modern twist.

Q— Do I have to clean up our home before your arrival?
It depends on how much of "real life" you want to capture. Life with kids can be messy and it can be a great memory to capture. We can always clean up a little during the session in case it can enhance the image. Or you make it tidy, up to you!

Q— Do you photograph special events and parties?
Yes, I do. I approach them documentary style.

Q— Do you charge travelfees?
All shoot expenses, travel expenses, and post-production expenses are included at no extra charge for sessions on Gotland. Beyond that, I charge on a case by-case basis depending on travel expenses. Deep discounts are offered if I can come up with another excuse to travel to your location!

Q— Would you meet us for our family vacation abroad?
Absolutely! I love new places. Contact me with the specifics of your occasion, and I'll give you a quote.

Q— How far in advance should I book?
We can put together a shoot in a hurry if we need to, but I always prefer booking at least six weeks in advance if possible.

Q— How do I book?
You get in touch with your inquiry, and we connect! To retain your date requires a 50% deposit of the total contract amount. Payment 2 (50%) is to be payed in con- nection with the delivery. I also require my clients to sign a contract outlining copyrights, responsibilities and payments. Deposit is non refundable.

Q— What is the cancellation policy?
In case of cancellation more than 21 days ahead of the booked date, 3/5 of the deposit is refundable. If for any reason the client wishes to reschedule, you can use the deposit for a future date within 3 years.

If I am unable to attend on the date due to illness, accident, death or other serious crisis of my family, an alternate photographer can not be promised during the pandemic. In the event of such case, the deposit will be repayed in full.


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