Hi, I'm Patrik!

A coach and yoga teacher based on the island Gotland, Sweden. I'm glad I found you =)
You're not alone. We all go through stages in life where we struggle to find our way. When we feel stuck, clueless, sad, numb, frustrated or lonely. I've been through it myself. That's why I know how important it is to have the right support in the process of finding your way. In the end, you're the only one who will find the answers to your questions. But along the way there's tremendous value in having someone by your side. Someone who hears and sees you. Someone who's fully present and connected. Someone who supports you fully, but also dares to ask the tough questions.

Doing the work isn't easy. There's no way around the hard stuff, only through. But I can guarantee you that if you choose to commit to doing the work, the quality of your life will improve. Ready when you are!

Love, Patrik
Feeling a bit lost?
"Patrik helped me face the deepest, scariest, most unsettling emotions that I've been struggling with. He made me understand the traumatic patterns I suffered from and guided me to places within that I didn't dare to go to on my own. A process which helped me make peace with myself."
"Patrik is a warm, intuitive and authentic human being. He has made a tremendous difference for me, especially when I struggle the most or confront parts of myself that are difficult to face. His guidance and perspectives helps me to grow and I'm forever grateful to have him by my side on this self-healing journey we call life."
"Patrik's intuition and knowledge is so natural. His presence and space-holding feels very safe and relaxed. He has guided me into my subconcious mind, given me tools for access, allowance for emotions to take place and helped me to transform them."
"Patrik has the ability to make me relax and feel comfortable. He guides with finesse and humor and it feels very natural. But above all, he got me to think twice about several things and has made me wiser."
"I have always been on the run, numbing my feelings with diversionary maneuvers. With Patrik's spiritual guidance, I have understood and faced the causes of my inner wounds, gaining a deeper emotional understanding for myself. I would not have gotten where I am today without him."
There are many great coaches, psychologists and therapists out there. What do they all share? For me, it comes down to how much work you've done on yourself and your personal development. The last five years, I've been in at the deep end of my own psyche to understand more of who I really am. I've taken inspiration from many wisdom traditions, including buddhism, taoism, jungian psychology, mindfulness, yoga and more. I've meditated, been silent for ten days, tried psychedelics and many other things. All things have lead me to where I am. But in the end, what made me find a greater sense of peace was when I stopped running from myself and had the courage to face my sh*t. And by moving through the shadows, I came out on the other side. Not as a new person, but less fearful and more accepting of myself with all my flaws. More authentic to myself, the people close to me and the world at large. We're all on our healing journey, just in different stages. And by being on this journey with myself, I feel confident to be of service for others on their path to a more present and fulfilling life.
"The only thing I can offer another human being is my own being"
Ram Dass
3 of my coaching perspectives
Feel it to heal it
Are you trying to think your way out of your problems? Unfortunately, it's pointless. Most of the "problems" you have are in fact created by your own mind. The ego needs problems to survive, and most people make themselves into their own biggest problem. There's a Zen quote that puts it eloquently: "In Zen, we don't find the answers. We lose the questions." So you see, sometimes you have to go out of your mind... ;-)
Beneath the stream of constant thoughts there's something much more powerful: Your emotions. Emotions are a constant flow of energy moving through your body. It gives you information to understand yourself and the world around you. Energies are supposed to flow freely, but when emotions are suppressed, the energy gest stuck in the body. Your mind can try to suppress or ignore unpleasant emotions, but your body inevitably keeps score. In order to get the energies flowing freely again, you have to allow yourself to fully feel your emotions, pleasant or unpleasant as they may be. And every emotion has a piece of wisdom for you, so stay curious.
Acceptance is the key to peace and happiness
Most people suffer not because of the circumstances of their life, but because they are unwilling to fully accept their circumstances. Our circumstances in life will differ, but we will all face hardship and pain in different ways. The less willing you are to accept the circumstances of your life, the more you will suffer. Ask yourself: Where am I not in alignment with reality? Where is my mind keeping me stuck in unhappiness?
The source of your happiness or misery is YOU
Do you still think you will be happy once you get that job? Or that perfect partner? Or once you get to go on that vacation? Short term, it might. But long term, you will be just the same. The source of your happiness will not be found in external validation or gratification. It's found within. You are the source to either your own misery or your own happiness. The choice is yours. Once you realize this important truth, you can stop attaching your emotional state to the circumstances of your life.
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