I am soon 36 years old, & I live on the beautiful island Gotland (moved here from stockholm 2019) surrounded by water & breathtaking pastel sunsets with my husband and our two furrbabies. Besides my favourite thing to do - being with them (obviously), I have WAY to many hobbies and therefore I can cry at times about that there is not enough time or energy for all of them. Here are just a few of them; I like to - juice and always have a cold pressed juice in the fridge, take care of our big plants in every corner, photograph+edit photos, keep up with self growth in any form, garden during spring n summer (I absolutely love own veggies and flowers), learn more about my body movement and anatomy, teach and practise yoga, run our yoga+photo studio, re organize our home daily, travel and explore colourful places. My dream destination currently is Palma De Mallorca. I mention it at least once a month.

well, a bit more about me than,
I have a background of being a circus artist for nineteen years, and am forever grateful for that experience. Circus is also a place where my photography path begun - between my acts I was documenting every backstage moment.

With every year, photography becomes more and more important to me. As days go by, and we get older, the more I appreciate all memories I have documented throught the years. Looking at a photo, I remember everything about that moment + before and after. I can embody it all like it is the present moment. My husband often says that looking at my photo stories is like looking into me and through my beautiful way of seeing the world. I feel seen and understood by him when he says that. Touches my heart each time.
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